Welsh for ‘Greenland’?

Does anyone know Welsh word for Greenland?

I have some Welsh dictionaries on my phone, and only find reference to some animals whose English names include Greenland.

Google translate gave me: Tir Glas
But also gave Gwyrddlas for greenlander, along with these other terms:

But running these back through to English,
Gwyrddlas = turquoise or sea-green

And the others all translate to:
Blue Islander


Greenland is commonly Yr Ynys Las, though you may come across the slightly more poetic Y Lasynys (from where you get Glasynyswr, Glasynyswraig, Glasynyswyr)

(My go-to dictionary is Geiriadur yr Academi - https://geiriaduracademi.org/ )


Diolch yn fawr! I did see ‘yr ynys las’ on mymemory.translated, but couldn’t tell if that was legit or some of the usual scramble of words they get from scraping the internet.

I’ll definitely add that to my list of dictionaries I like to check. Thanks!

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So would the correct Cymraeg term for the Greenlandic Language ( Kalaallisut in Greenlandic) be Glanynyseg ?

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I think a typo has slipped in there - Greenlandic (language) is Glasynyseg

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I prefer that to the GPC which doesnt even have it!

It only has a modern made up name for the Greenland falcon

hebog y Wlad Werdd: Greenland falcon.


Yes, Ive heard yr Ynys Las and Gwerdd.

Controversial and not for the purists - but I also hear “Greenland” :slight_smile: Possibly to avoid confusion with Ynyslas near Borth.

Easy to be confused even in English. As in “I’m taking the camper to Ynyslas for the weekend” Wow!


Well if you live in North Ceredigion its no wonder Greenland is used…too much confusion sometimes.

I have heard Gwynedd Welsh speakers use only the English names for Eastern Wales places because they simply don’t know the Welsh.

e.g. Welshpool instead of ‘Y trallwng’
Welshpool was only invented in the 1840s to stop confusion with Poole in Dorset lmao! (A railway company pressured a name change)

The vast majority of Welsh speakers live the majority of their lives through the English language especially in public settings (according to survey data) - another reason a lot of English words easily soak into everyday speech

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