Welsh for “do you want/ would you like?

Hi I was born in Wales and have lived in Wales all my life but never been taught how to speak it.

I have been wanting to know how to say “do you want” in Welsh. As I am from the south I have heard people saying “ty moen”/ “ty mwn” again I’m not sure of spelling or speaking so if anyone could help that would be great

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ti’n mwyn (or in its fuller form, wyt ti’n mwyn) is a Southern way to ask “do you want”. You may also hear t’ishe / wyt ti ishe too (ishe is a colloquial way to spell eisiau).

“would you like” is slightly different - there are lots of variations for this which will be confusing at first. you can use fysest ti’n hoffi, fyddet ti’n hoffi, fyset ti’n licio, fyddet ti’n licio, or hoffet ti, all depend on personal/regional preference, so don’t worry too much about these when you’re starting out - they’ll fall into place naturally in time.