Welsh Events in Vancouver, Canada

Also in Vancouver for a short while, any speaking practices happening? L

Helo Luke,

Would either of these upcoming events be of interest? Although COVID still affects regular social events at the Cambrian Hall, these will likely attract a number of members of the Vancouver Welsh Society so there would be a chance to practice with some fluent speakers :slightly_smiling_face:

‘…You are invited to attend a great multicultural event (https://bridgefestival.ca/) in Ambleside Park, West Vancouver and support the Vancouver Welsh Society. We shall be at the Welsh table in the United Kingdom tent on Saturday June 4th; let me know if you can join us for a spell as a volunteer in the tent.

Another great festival for our members’ enjoyment! This will be held on the green in Town Centre Park, Coquitlam. As part of the Celtic diaspora (https://scotfestbc.com/), we will be there on Saturday June 18th ready to give information and publicity about Wales and our Welsh Society, to the visitors at our tent….’

Also, there are members of SSiW who regularly join sessions on Slack, so it is worth your asking there if any would be around during your stay.

Fingers and toes crossed,


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Helo again Luke,

Here is something from the VWS tomorrow for you, with plenty of chance to practice your Welsh in Vancouver…

‘The weather forecast isn’t great for our beach walk tomorrow ( Monday 16 May) , but it does seem the showers will stop late morning, so I think we should go ahead and bring a raincoat in case there’s a shower.

The walk will start at 11:00 am . We’ll meet at Spanish Banks East Concession , where there’s plenty of parking.

(There are wash rooms available and leashed dogs are allowed. If you’d like to, please bring a snack to eat at the end of the walk.)…’

I cannot go unfortunately, but have fun if you can make it!


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Diolch Mari!

Managed to be a bit slow on both of these but thank you.

Will email the Welsh society too to see if they have any speaking sessions.


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No worries Luke,

Here’s another opportunity for you to ‘walk and talk’ with members of thr Vancouver Welsh Society:

Our first walk (in bright sunshine) was a great success, with ten members attending. Future walks will take place every two weeks, on Mondays at 11:00 am.

The location for our second walk is Steveston Dyke (see poster). There’s plenty of parking at Garry Point Park, where we’ll meet, and there are public washrooms.

After walking for about an hour (there are lots of benches along the way!) we’re planning to have a fish and chip lunch at Pajo’s.

Please RSVP so that we will know whom to wait for at the meeting point, especially if you’re joining us for lunch.

Directions: Coming south off the Arthur Lang Bridge, continue south on Russ Baker Way. Continue on when Russ Baker Way becomes No. 2 Road. Keep going on No. 2 Road, then turn right at Chatham Street and drive to the end. You will see the parking lot facing you.

In the event of a bad weather forecast, we will cancel the walk and reschedule it for 13 June.

Hope you’ll join us!

If you are interested in this next walk Luke, just let me know and I will pass on your name, then rustle-up a map for you.


Hi @MarilynHames and @luke-penny! I’ve given this a separate topic from the general “Anyone here?” thread so that people interested in knowing what’s happening in Vancouver will be able to find it more easily.

It sounds like the Vancouver Welsh Society is very active and organises interesting events, so it would be good for more people to know about them.

This is the link to their Facebook page, for people who use Facebook:
Vancouver Welsh Society | Facebook

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Diolch yn fawr iawn Deborah!

Before the pandemic, the Vancouver Welsh Society had many regular events that celebrated the Welsh language, culture and traditions, offereing: free Welsh classes; conversation and special interest groups; a book club; ‘chapel’ services; plus great social events in its own Red Dragon pub and hall.

With COVID still a concern here, outdoor events such as walks are bringing out members, and when the weather warms up, hopefully our own folkgroup the ‘Red Cardigans’ will entertain people on the beach again this summer.

Croeso i bawb!



Hi Mari,
I am so glad to see things starting to happen for the VWS. It has been a struggle to find people to practice Welsh speaking in this neck of the woods. I will certainly participate in the walks. Unfortunately I can’t make the next one on May 30. But I will take in the Ambleside Park event “bridges event”.

I am new to sirad Cymraeg and on Level 2 challenge 7. But beginning to struggle so looking forward to the meetups.

Chris O’Byrne


Gary Point is a little far for me as I am without a car! I’m in Mt Pleasant. Pretty close to Cambrian Hall, will keep an eye out for events closer.

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Hi Mari,
I responded to your Ambleside event but didn’t realize I had to hit “reply” to your SSi message, so hopefully you saw my response. Sue Gerryts and I will be stopping by the VWS table as Ambleside is ten minutes away. :grinning:


Good for you Christine! Llongyfarchiadau!

It takes persistence, passion and huge effort to reach where you are, but if you ever find your energy flagging, you will find plenty of encouragement from folk at VWS. Not everyone speaks Welsh—there are learners at every level, fluent speakers, and Anglo-Welsh. However, what we all share is enthusiasm for our heritage, and a friendliness that is the hallmark of the Welsh, wherever they are, (to which some might add a passion for rugby, hymn-singing—or both, or at least, for belting out the best anthem in the world—‘not that I am biased’ :wink:).

And who are they—the Welsh? The most inclusive definition includes anyone who loves Wales, its people and culture—as interpreted in the broadest sense to include the historical, evolving, and creative.

From what I have read about the ancient Welsh Laws, all it took was support and loyalty to be adopted into the Cymru—no matter where a person was born. Gwych! Now there’s a message of hope and recipe for peace, eh? Love it!

So to you, and everyone reading this ‘Croeso from the VWS’.


Please keep checking the VWS website Luke—hopefully, you will find an event that is easy for you to reach soon. Pity COVID has been affecting our programmes, but with summer coming (they say), that bodes well for outdoor gatherings too.

All the best,


Here is the next VWS walk scheduled for 13th June:

Third Walk.pdf (244.9 KB)

All are welcome,


Time for a nice cuppa’? Two days left to reply :teapot:

Fancy an amble in Ambleside?

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It’s exciting to learn a bit about the Vancouver Welsh Society. In your neighbor to the South in Gig Harbor, Washington.

Dw i’n dysgu siarad yr iaith Cymraeg achos dw i’n caru Cymru a Dw i’n moyn iaith Camraeg barhau.

Dw i’n hanner Cymraeg neu fwy.

Mae fy nhaid yn hanu o Donypandy ac ymfudodd a 1888.


If you know of any Welsh societies in this neck of the woods, please share!