Welsh etymology book?

Hello, can anyone recommend a book (dictionary?) with Welsh etymology? I find it much easier to learn words when I know where they come from, and it’s really interesting too. My friend gave me a great website Gwreiddiau Geiriau Cymraeg / Etymology of Welsh Words – Parallel.cymru: Cylchgrawn digidol Cymraeg dwyieithog but now I want more!!

Thank you,

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Helo Lucy,
The Geiriadur Prifysgol Cymru has etymological notes for many entries. It is available in printed form, as a set of four volumes clocking at several hundred pounds, but I’d recommend checking out the website or app first :slight_smile:


“Welsh Roots & Branches” develops vocabulary by building families of related words - not exactly what you asked for, but may be useful. A tutor I had with Dysgu Cymraeg thought very highly of it, but as it’s currently out of print it’s either hard to find, expensive, or both!

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Thank you so much - that’s brilliant. I have the app, but I will use the website more!

Marvellous, thank you! as you say, quite pricey, but I have a birthday coming up…

I have this, and it’s a fabulous book. Not necessarily one for systematic learning or research but just one to enjoy dipping into and browsing through.

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