Welsh equivalent of saying 'though' at end of sentence

Smae pawb

Ok when I talk in English I always (perhaps unnecessarily) end sentences with the word ‘though’

I’m going to toast some bread though.
That’s too far though
Why though?

Problem is I find myself doing it in Welsh and making it sound like I’m saying Ddoe :joy:. Super confusing for anyone im talking to.

Short of reporgramming my brain anyone know of any slangy words to chuck at the end of sentences?

Thanks though :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I think your best bet might be to chuck felly (or its shortened form 'lly) at the end - it’s a pretty common end tag.

But you still might have to remember not to add a though/ddo after it! :wink:


‘Ddo’ is quite common, albeit massively slangy. Just remember to keep the ‘o’ sound short and it’s unlikely to get mistaken for ‘ddoe’. Siaron’s suggestion of 'lly is a good one, though!

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Coincidentally, I was checking out the same thing a few days/weeks ago. For the meaning, (although), I think you can start the sentence with “er,…”. Another ending is “leic”. Very mining community :slight_smile: