Welsh Dreams

We could have a thread about Welsh dreams,:
I’ve been looking forward to this happening for a while.I had my first Welsh dream this morning: I was lost the huge labyrinth of a space port (kind of like an airport but with more fun slides and zero-G tunnels to crawl through) and was speaking to the people I bumbled into in Welsh and they were speaking Welsh back. I wonder what my brain is trying to tell me???


Superb. All my first few dreams with Welsh in them involved people walking up to me and speaking Welsh, and me running away… :sunny:


Hehe, this is something oposite way and, you wouldn’t believe, it involves person, who is not learning Cymraeg at all - my husband. He remembered the dreams he had tonight when I mentioned this thread to him while sitting here each and everyone behind our computers …

What he dreamd?

It was a short dream in which, you @aran, didn’t run away but you were the one comming to the people.

“There was a little green hill,” says my husband, “and it everything seamed like people would be involved in kind of bootcamp.” (he heard a lot about bootcamps and how they look like when we talked about them during @margaretnock’s visit). “There were little houses on both sides of the hill and people were there, obviously gatherring. Margaret went up the hill and Aran came down to her at one point and started to recite one Welsh poem to her. Margaret was so happy to hear the poem exclaming how superb it is … and Aran recited further …”

… And then my husband woke up … :slight_smile:

Nope, there was no me involved in this happening …

Now, who knows what his brains are trying to tell him??? :slight_smile:


I have to confess @tatjana that I’m quite glad it was a short dream and didn’t go any further than it did. I’m not at all sure I should be appearing in the dreams of a happily married man. Or that I should be appearing in a dream with @aran either.


Umm… it was about poem and Cymraeg, not about you and @aran in the fist place, at least as I took those dreams. It seams interesting to me that one, who doesn’t learn Cymraeg dreams about at least someone speaking the language if not speaking it by themselved …

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I’m just feeling a lot of sympathy for Tatjana’s husband…:wink:


Last night I had a dream in which an old flame and I were walking across a causeway to what I knew was somewhere in Gogledd Cymru. We knew the tide was coming in behind us, but were shocked to top a rise and find it was coming in ahead as well and we seemed unlikely to reach the shore. There had been no warning notices, no tide time tables, This made me wonder, as, at Worm’s Head there are notices everywhere warning people. We finally decided to phone for help and were grateful to see a little inshore coastguard’s/lifeboat coming. We then found that there had been some kind of ice-melt in the Arctic which broke an ice dam and raised sea levels. We felt guilty in case our rescue interrupted that of children in bungalows!
I was sort of aware that all was yn Gymraeg, without actually consciously hearing it. I never seem to hear in dreams!
I dread to think what my brain was trying to tell me!!!


@aran, there’s a reason why the blog finishes with a toast to long suffering husbands. I expect all di-gymraeg partners of SSIWers have to put put up with a lot.


Start building a big boat for the animals.

Dechrau adeiladu/codi cwch mawr ar gyfer yr anifeiliaid.

Cheers J.P.

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And the interpretation of that dream is … Resistance is useless!!! :wink:


I dreamt in Cymraeg the first time last night!
I was struggling to say the same sentence over and over - so more like reality than a dream!


Whoo-hoo! That’s a fantastic step - it absolutely can’t happen until you’ve done some fairly serious rewiring of your brain, so huge, huge congratulations… :thumbsup: :sunny:

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Am I totally odd in not hearing in dreams? I know what is being said and understand it, but if I try to hear the words, I realise I’m dreaming, because I have to realise that to notice I’m not hearing, if you see what I mean! I first had this problem in my ‘cave man’ dream and never could hear, so never had a clue of the language! It is very frustrating!! I wish I could re-wire my brain to hear!!
N.B. unreality is easy! I am not actually deaf! I could not walk anywhere much now, but happily walk for miles in dreams!! I never dream that my airways are full of mucus!! And, in dreams I have perfect sight with no glasses!

I’m finding it tricky to understand the difference between knowing what is being said and understanding it, and ‘hearing’…!

It is all in my head! Well, at the point that I start trying to…mm…
I guess, in the dream, I must hear. But if I realise that there is something interesting going on, like me understanding a prehistoric language, it must mean I’ve surfaced enough to know I’m dreaming and then I can’t influence anything, but become a detached observer!
In the recent example, I never thought, “Hang on, I couldn’t possibly be here as I couldn’t walk this far with my lungs!” In retrospect, I realised we’d been chatting etc. yn Gymraeg, but could not recall the actual words.
The ‘cave man’ dream repeated a number of times, so I started trying to change things, then trying to understand or hear…??? And, even the first time, I knew I was in someone else’s head, as I’m not a man, don’t wear skins and can’t dive from a height into a small, but deep river-pool!!

This sounds to me more like the interesting line between an ordinary dream and a lucid dream, more than a difference between hearing and not hearing. Lucid dreams are fascinating - but I don’t think you should expect them necessarily to be all that lifelike! :sunny:

I wish my brain would seriously rewire so I could get my head around tenses and verbs. im definitely getting crossed wires with I will be, she should, they wanted, you shouldn’t. Trying to trust the wires will eventually untangle, but in real conversations I find I really stumble atm. Lots of embarrassing blank moments!

That’s absolutely normal - if our current crop of Bootcampers could hear you, they would want to paint you several pictures of all the different ways in which they’re currently stumbling in real conversations!

Give your head time. It will work it out, if you keep giving it the input… :sunny:

I think one problem is changing how one puts something. There are a very large number of ways of saying the same thing in English because it is a polyglot of so many other languages. My mind has currently gone blank, but I remember thinking of something I said, “I wouldn’t have a clue how to say that in Welsh!” It then occurred to me that, probably, a totally different idiom would be used in Welsh. Literal translation rarely works!

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I had a dream in Welsh last night… sort of.

I was staying at somebody’s place, and in the morning, while getting ready to go to some sort of Welsh event, my host was speaking to me and I didn’t understand a word of what he said… but somehow I guessed it was Welsh.

So I trotted out some of my Welsh… “I’m sorry, I don’t understand what you said … I’ve just started learning Welsh.” More incomprehensible Welsh(?) from my host.

So… at least I was speaking Welsh! And I think he was – except I couldn’t understand a single thing!

I suppose what was happening was that my Welsh is so far at the beginning that my unconscious couldn’t fill in any believable Welsh conversation for his part so it just put in something garbled for me to respond to.

A bit odd, and slightly scary, and rather bizarre. But Welsh on at least my part.

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