Welsh conversation practice in Australia


No problem, sorry to hear about your son-in-law. I did recently notice you appear in my Skype contacts. I look forward to catching up in due course. Stressful times, it’s easy to get mixed up.

I am usually free in the evenings - Tuesday to Thursday. We are going to Darwin this weekend to see our daughter and granddaughter.

Does that afford any options?



So sorry to hear about your son-in-law, @lynne_freudigmann. I do hope everything goes well for him with his treatment. They are lucky to have you living so close for support. Cwtches mawr! :heart:

Thank you Dee. It was quite a shock to come home to. They have a hard road ahead but because I live next door it makes it easier for me to be there for them. I had a great time in Aber at the Cwrs haf. The first two weeks were hard but by the end of the four weeks I felt like a confident welsh speaker. After returning to my brother in Neath I met with a family friend who married a native speaker and now, of course, is fluent herself. I was happy to be able to converse with them both for over an hour and the welsh came naturally. I was amazed at my ability to understand and speak without hesitation. Later I went to the welsh shop in Abertawe and spent some time talking with a group there. I’m very excited and happy that I am now calling myself a welsh speaker and not just a learner. Since being back in Brisbane I have been reading the books I bought and Skyping with Bronwen Lewis. I’m planning to do the Cwrs Uwch next year but that will depend on how things are here. Thank you for your encouragement at Bootcamp.


Su’mae bawb! I realise this is quite an old thread. I’m a Welsh tutor with 7 years experience. I’ve just moved to Sydney with my partner who is from here. I am looking for new, enthusiastic Welsh learners! I’m available for learners of all ages and experience in Sydney and by Skype to all those in the Southern Hemisphere! Hit me up if you reckon I can help in any way. Diolch, Alys

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OK, from SE Qld. How do I contact you?

Hi you can email me on cymraegsydney@gmail.com

Hi Andrew. I’m late coming into this thread, but would like to be included in any online catch up for Aussies or New Zealanders. Message me if there is one coming up soon.

Hi Sebastian,

You are most welcome to join us. Are you on WelshSpeakingPractice on Slack? If not, send an email to admin@saysomethinginwelsh.com to let them know that you would like to join. It is free.

From there, we can add you to our chat area along with the various keen Welsh speakers from around the world.