Welsh check for my 5 sentences?

Hi there! I’m on level 1, challenge 24, North. The homework is to write a new 5-sentence story to keep practicing… But I want to make sure I’ve written mine correctly before I start repeating something wrong to myself every day. :stuck_out_tongue:

Would the kind community of actual Welsh speakers please help me out with a quick proofread of the following?

Dwi’n mwynhau mynd allan evo ychydig o ffrindiau ar a penwythnos. A dwi’n mwynhau darllen llyfr a gwylio ffilm. Dydd Sadwrn dw i isio mynd allan a cael gwydrad neu ddau. Dydd Sul dw i isio darllen a gwylio ffilm. Dw i ddim isio gwylio peldroid.

Much appreciation in advance!


@elysiabrenner Fantastic work after doing Level 1! Gwych! Seeing that you explicitly asked for a quick proofread, please note “evo” should be “efo”. Can’t see anything else that isn’t 100%…
Well done and good luck with Level 2.

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Thank you!!! Deeply appreciated.

Always wanting to put a v where there should be an f. :sweat_smile: My brain is like, “No, but in Dutch a v sounds like an f – how can this be the opposite??” :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I’m learning too, your story looks good to me!
Da Iawn!!


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I’ve now also done my five sentences for Level 2, Challenge 2. Would you (or anyone else) be willing to also give these a quick proofread to make sure I’m not making any mistakes?~

Oes gynnoch chi blant? Dych chi isio nhw? Does gen i ddim plant ond dwi isio nhw. Pa mor hen y hogan yno? Dwi’n meddyl bo’ hi’n bymtheg.

Thank you so much in advance!

Only a couple of things not quite right (you’d still be understood with what you’ve put) :

Does gen i ddim plant ond dwi isio nhw. - Does gen i ddim blant ond dwi isio nhw

Pa mor hen y hogan yno? - Pa mor hen ydy’r hogan yno?

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Are you sure about that first one? Doesn’t the “ddim” take the mutation instead of the “plant”?

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Right, in the challenges there’s no mutation after ddim.

You’re right - forgive me… I had an afternoon of brain farts yesterday (spent an hour trying to replace an ink cartridge on my printer only to realise the reason I kept getting “error - cartridge not recognised” was because I was trying to replace a black with a yellow :crazy_face: )


Sounds recognizable; I definitely have those days… :sweat_smile:

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