Welsh chat in Tredegar, Blaenau Gwent

I’ve been told there is a Welsh chat group in Tredegar, they meet on Wednesdays at Bryn Bach, at 10.30am. The ones attending are apparently quite fluent now but beginners also welcome, one lady volunteers to be the “dictionary!” :smiling_face:


Hi Catherine… I think it may be 10:00. I haven’t been on one of their Wednesday walks as I live in Milton Keynes but am a member of their WhatsApp group as occasionally I visit my home town! - Not just on a Wednesday at the moment though :slight_smile:
Dysgu Cymraeg/Gwent may have further details.

hi here- Mrs D told me it’s 10am if you want to do a walk first? She said it’s 10.30am for the chat?

If you go on facebook and look up menter iaith torfaen blaenau gwent there are more meet ups. These include mornings on the last Saturday of the month alternating between Wetherspoons in Tredegar and Ebbw Vale. The level of these is mixed but with some people who are pretty much fluent.

thanks for that- no good for me sadly but hopefully suitable for others :grinning:

I do hope to go along to the Bryn Bach chat at some point- I was told that most are fluent except for the odd word- that makes me a bit nervous as I’m nowhere near Planet Fluent! :smiling_face: very much Lefel Mynediad!