Welsh book stores

Can anyone tell me the name of some good welsh book stores in Cardiff? I will be there in a couple of days on vacation from the U.S.

My favourite is Caban, which is a little out of town (but a lovely walk through Bute Park (past the Mochyn Du!) to get there). I can’t seem to find a website for them, but they have a Facebook page under the name “Caban Pontcanna”. If you go all the way out there, ask directions to the Canna Deli around the corner - lovely coffee (and salads at lunchtime) and everyone’s a Welsh-speaker.

There’s a little shop I haven’t been to, but that I’ve heard is lovely, called Cant a Mil Vintage, which sells vintage clothing, and is a cafe, but also sells Welsh-language books. They’re up on the other side of the river from Pontcanna:

And the Hen Lyfrgell Welsh centre right in the middle of town has a shop downstairs selling lovely Welsh things that also has a selection of books:

These are the main ones that I’ve found. The Oxfam bookshop on St Mary’s Street usually has a shelf or two of Welsh-language books, but of course there’s no knowing what will be there (as they’re all second hand) and the staff don’t usually speak Welsh I’ve found.

Hope you have a great visit!

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Hi Sara thank you for the information I’m in London right now haveing the time of my life.When I get to Cardiff I will ask how to get to the book shop you were talking about.

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Siop y felin in whitchurch is good. There is also a bodlon in the village.
Hope you have a good trip


Hi. Jenny thank you. I looked at there website and it looks pretty good.