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Having been approached by an acquaintance, I have volunteered to run a Welsh group for my local U3A. Given that I have been learning Welsh for less than a year, I am feeling a bit of imposter syndrome at the moment. However, I am also happy to help others (hopefully) develop the passion for the language that has got me hooked!

Does anyone have any experience of this sort of activity? I would appreciate any tips! My initial thought is to encourage the group to work on SSiW challenges independently and then have a weekly meeting to review, reinforce, answer questions and deal with concerns. However, my initial chat with the local coordinator suggests a degree of resistance to this. I am not sure why, but suspect there is a wariness about any kind of ‘online’ learning. It may well be that they ask for a more traditional evening class type approach. Having taught Spanish evening classes in my time, I am sure I could do this, probably using the Mynediad textbook (though I would be very open to other suggestions).

Thanks in advance and I look forward to your thoughts!

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I’m absolutely certain that this would be the most effective way forward (with a heavy focus on play in the weekly meetings) - but if flagging up a paid-for approach is politically tricky, I’m sure you could use the Bedtime Welsh model to run through five minutes or so of SSi type content in each meeting, so that you know they are at least getting some nudges in the direction of their productive capacity…

I think it’s a great idea. But if you have said you will do it you should do it your way.

One problem I have with U3A is that there is no pattern or ‘curriculum’ to much of what they do. It can be very ad hoc. (I’m not against U3A - just an observation)

Using SSIW weekly with follow up support sounds ideal to me. If you are near Swansea I would come.


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I met the group for the first time today and have been able to persuade them to work this way, which I am pleased about. Thanks - as always - for your support!

Onwards and upwards!


If you search for Sheffield U3A you will find several Welsh learning gorups run by Steve Clements a fluent Welsh speaker. If you follow the links you will reach contact details for Steve. I am sure he would offer advise on running a U3A group.

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Thanks - that is really helpful!