Welsh announcements on buses - a quiery

As many of you know, I work in the public transport industry for the main bus operator in Cardiff. Some of our buses have audio/visual media screens installed, announcing stops in both English and Welsh. It is the Welsh announcements which I’m actually quierying, so really I’m looking for assistance from a Welsh speaker - @aran, @Iestyn, @CatrinLliarJones, @garethrking, or anyone who can help with this.
An example of a stop announcement is as follows:-

"The next stop is Customhouse Street. Y safle nesaf yw Heol y Tollty"

It’s the beginning of the Welsh part I’m not sure about. Shouldn’t it be Mae’r safle nesaf yn Heol y Tollty”, or is Y safle nesaf yw Heol y Tollty” actually correct?

It’s something I’ve been questioning for ages, but never remember to bring up on here. This Friday, I have my 12 month performance review meeting (Yes, it’s been nearly a year since I moved!!). If there is an error, then I would like to bring this up in my review when they ask me if there are any issues I need to raise (they asked me at my 6 month review, so I’m sure they will ask again). I’m just compiling a list of items I need to cover now, so any input on this question between now and next Friday will be appreciated and of great value to me.

Diolch yn fawr.


Yes, this… :sunny:

It’s an emphasis thing… :sunny:


Ardderchog! I will let that one rest now then.
Thanks for the response :smiley:

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But shouldn’t it be the other way around?

At least in Cornish, I learned that the new information goes at the beginning when you’re emphasising – and the question here is not “What’s Heol y Tollty? - Oh, it’s the next stop” but “What’s the next stop? - Oh, it’s Heol y Tollty.”

So I would have expected Heol y Tollty ydy’r safle nesaf.

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My only experience of public transport announcements in Wales is on the trains through mid-Wales, and I’ve only ever heard announcements made in English even when travelling through predominantly Welsh speaking areas. Not sure why as some of the announcements are pre-recorded. Even when the driver has to announce it, if they already have to announce names such as “Machynlleth” then ‘Y safle nesa’ shouldn’t be too much trouble to learn :laughing:. I’m not sure whether they have bilingual announcements at stations as I’m only familiar with Aberystwyth and as they only have 1 platform with 1 train service they have no need for platform announcements!

Either is fine in ordinary usage… :sunny:

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