Welsh and Spanish

I have just completed Welsh Level One (New). So excited! I want, of course, to keep going forward. That said, I have a trip to Spain in December and want to get some Spanish under my built. I did take a year of Spanish in school, so there is a little bit of it floating around, but not much and nothing dependable.

So, here’s the question…

How do I best use my SSIW for the next few months? 1. To keep up with my Welsh, or at least have it “held” at my current level. I don’t want to lose my progress so far! 2. Start the SS In Spanish to get me ready for the trip. 3. Finally, should I do the travel course, or Level One Spanish.

Thanks everyone!


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Here’s my experience: I’ve done both the Welsh and the Spanish SSI courses and for me they don’t interfere with each other. So, even if you shelved the Welsh for now and just focused on the Spanish, your Welsh would hold just as well as if you weren’t doing anything (i.e. you’re going to forget some stuff, but it comes back quickly, so it’s not like the Spanish is going to set you back). And there’s been times when I was alternating between Spanish and Welsh, and really had no problem going back and forth. It’s true that, when I’m doing that Spanish, if I don’t recall the Spanish right away, the corresponding Welsh phrase pops right into my head! But that’s because the Welsh was more bedded down when I started the Spanish.

I haven’t actually done the tourist course, but I’d suggest doing Level 1, then maybe diving into the tourist if you have some time, since I’m guessing that the tourist stuff will stick better if you have a good starting foundation.

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Don’t worry about losing your progress :slight_smile:

Even if you feel as though stuff has fallen out of your memory as time goes past, it hasn’t really - one run through the last session you did should re-activate a good 80-85% of the content straight away…:slight_smile:

So if you feel like doing some Spanish, shoot off, do it (as Jeff says, Level 1 probably better for real usage than the tourist course, although there’s some handy vocab in the tourist course) - and then come back to the Welsh when you’re ready… :slight_smile:

And it would be lovely to hear how it goes!

Thanks everyone! I truly appreciate the supportive ideas and will go ahead with Level One Spanish. I will also keep my ears on the listening practices, and Level 1 #25 for my Welsh. Cheers! :wink: I will let you know how it goes!

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