Welsh Ancestry Question


I am hoping someone with general knowledge about Welsh history may be able to help me out.

I am doing some ancestry research, and as is the case with many, I am facing the problem of (1) not being an expert on this kind of research, and (2) encountering a lack of documentation or living relatives who can speak to this.

Is “Rogers” a traditionally Welsh name?
If so, is there a region traditionally associated with that name?
Finally, if there is such a region associated with that name, was there a general pattern of folks moving back and forth between Wales and Ireland? Or another region?

I know these are generalities, but thank you for any information or for directing me to the a good resource.

Have a great day!

The name Rogers isn’t a traditionally Welsh one - I believe it’s Old English/Norman in derivation. That’s not to say that it’s an uncommon name in Wales by now though, and more common in South Wales according to this map Diffusion of surname ROGERS - Surname Map United Kingdom

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