Well done SSiW!

Only just now did I discover there is a SSI for Dutch, my native language, and I had a quick listen…
Suffice to say, I really enjoy the enthusiasm and encouragement of Aran and Iestyn in the recordings of SSiW, it makes a world of difference.

On week 42 now, yes behind on writing and talking, but getting there.

Keep up the good work, pob hwyl


We’re hoping very much to do more Dutch in the not-too-distant future - just some coding challenges to finish off with the course creation software (story of the last five years or so! :joy: ).

Thank you very much for your lovely words - delighted that you’re doing so well :slight_smile: :star2:


Diolch chi! os maen rubeth taw alla i helpi di, achos dwi’n dod o Iseldiroedd ond y Caerydd nawr… dylen I bod hapus i drafod