Weekly Newsletter

Just wanted to send out a huge “Diolch” for the links in the weekly newsletters, especially those that help find things in the SSiW forum. The link which was provided this week, “Tiny Questions with Quick Answers” has been very, very helpful. I sometimes feel overwhelmed when trying to look for specific things in all of the different threads - these little nudges in the right direction are wonderful. Diolch eto!


Diolch yn fawr! I really appreciate that you have taken the time to write that. It’s great to know that it’s helpful to you.

Deborah :smiling_face:

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I would echo the thanks. It may seem quiet, like nobody is reading, but I certainly am. Each week I look out for this and read what comes through. It’s very helpful and introduces new strands of thought that I would otherwise not even consider.

Keep it coming!


Diolch yn fawr @Peter-M! I’m glad that you find it useful and I hope you continue to do so.
Pob hwyl, Deborah :smiling_face: