Weekly Meet-Up in the Mochyn Du

I know it’s a bit late but just thought i’d ask here if anyone is going to the Mochyn Du tonight? I’m planning on going.

I’m not, although I’m hoping to get back to it soon.

Okie doke. Thanks for letting me know.

Hope you got my message via Dee - that is, if she has a phone number for you. I got called on urgently to go to collect the granddaughters from Brecon and did not have internet connection. Should really swap numbers with you in case this happens again.

Did you go? Was there anyone else there? Sorry if you were there alone.

Oh, sorry, I didn’t get your message Alison. And I didn’t go as I’m rather full of a cold at the moment.

I know at one stage Alison was thinking of perhaps going to Chapter instead of the Mochyn Du on a Monday night as the numbers have dropped off a bit lately (and I will be in Llandysul soon), but maybe it should be raised here and see what people think. It’s usually reasonably quiet in the MD so easier for learners to have a conversation and be heard, but there is more chance to meet others at Chapter.

Dee - when do you go to Llandysul? I hope I’ll have the chance to meet you again before (after?) you do.

Angharad has a job starting in Cardiff in August, so we would dearly love to be moving over by then if we can (putting the house here on the market at the end of June … we could just about do it with a lot of luck and a following wind). Can’t wait to be able to come along to the Mochyn Du or Chapter on a Monday!

going to Chapter instead of the Mochyn Du

FWIW, I found Chapter petrifying :slight_smile:

But, then, I’ve not managed to make it to the Mochyn Du in what seems like years, either, and I’m probably the only learner-who-can’t-hold-a-conversation in the group, so I’m not sure planning around me is particularly worthwhile!

FWIW, I found Chapter petrifying :slight_smile:

FWIW I find the thought of the Mochyn Du pretty petrifying, so the scales of terror just add up and up!

I’ve never managed to make it to the Mochyn Du - work usually ends late on a Monday - but from what I’ve been led to believe, the standard is pretty high (much higher than me anyway) and so I’ve never thought I’d add much value to the get togethers.

If numbers are low perhaps I’m not the only one with this misconception :slight_smile:

FWIW I find the thought of the Mochyn Du pretty petrifying

Oh, no, the Mochyn Du’s meetups are lovely!

It /is/ true that the standard (excluding me) is high, but don’t let that stop you, it doesn’t stop me. Dee will tell you amusing stories of how I turned up without having finished course 1, and would lay my head on the table as I struggled to put two words together. I still struggle to put two words together, of course, but now I’m much more comfortable with it.

I just realised that I’m implying things about Chapter not being lovely. The once I went to chapter I had conversations with very friendly people, who were understanding about me being a beginner, so I wouldn’t discourage other folks from going.

I’ve heard of Chapter, but never been quite sure what it is. A cafe? A bookstore with a cafe?


“Chapter is an ambitious, multi-artform cultural space based in Cardiff, Wales that presents and produces international art, performance and film alongside a dynamic social space.”

No wonder I was confused. :wink:

Hi everyone. I did go in the end and no-one was there but I didn’t mind at all. Lauren came as well and we just had a nice meal.

With regards to Chapter, I prefer the Mochyn Du as it’s usually quieter, I think the food is better, welsh speaking staff etc., but there is always a good crowd of people in Chapter so there is never the chance of going and there being no-one there.

I will be missing a lot of Monday meet-ups in the next few weeks/couple of months as well, so maybe it would be best to direct people to Chapter for the Monday meet-ups for a while?

Just an update to say that a few of us will be going to the Mochyn Du tonight at 7pm. It’s the first Monday for a while I’ve had free. So if anyone wants to come along there will be people there tonight.