Weekly and Daily Speaking Practices

Am I correct in thinking that the Weekly and Daily Speaking Practices are related to the Old Course Lessons and not the new Level 1 Challenges?

I think they’re related to the new levels - they’re a relatively recent addition.

Hi Siaron. I’ve just noticed that they are labelled as “old material”. Certainly when I played the “speaking Practice for lessons 1 - 6” I was hearing phrases that I’d never heard in those Level 1 Challenges 1-6 (e.g. “will you”?). I also have now noticed that the files were last up dated back in November 2019. I’m now pretty sure that they are linked to the Old Course.

Hi @david-rees-4, the Speaking and Listening Daily Practices go with the Old Course. They’re just random sentences of the old lessons.
The Speaking Practice for the the New Course (Levels) can be found with Challenge 5, 10, 15 and so on.