Weekend for Welsh Learners, Lampeter Food Festival & more!

The Lampeter Food Festival is being held in the University grounds on Saturday 23rd July. We are taking our nano Brewery (Bragdy Tanat) there. If anyone would like to come and practice their Welsh with me, I would love to chat. We started brewing (well husband did) during lockdown because he lost all his work and he has always brewed although not professionally. We are slowing building up a bilingual business in the Tanat Valley. Jeff is not a confident welsh speaker yet but feel free to push him to try out his Welsh :slight_smile: Hope to see some of the SSIW family there.


I’ve taken the liberty of correcting your date, Amanda. Correct me if I’m wrong.
I hope to make it to Lambed to taste Jeff’s cwrw Tanat if nothing else. :grinning:

thank you, it will be lovely to see you again.

Marcus has also arranged a residential weekend for people wanting to visit the festival and enjoy a weekend in Welsh :heart_eyes:https://paned.cymru/collections/welsh-days-out-and-courses/products/gwyl-fwyd-llambed-single

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I do hope to be able to taste the beer next time in Wales, even though unfortunately not at this event.

p.s. @Cetra Oh a very interesting weekend, in many ways, then! Although I guess I’ll have to complain with Marcus for not mentioning the gig in Aberteifi is celebrating 40 years of Fflach Records!
@nia.llywelyn tell Marcus what it’s all about! :wink:

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Edrych ymlaen i weld chi yn yr Ŵyl Fwyd @amandalaing @HuwJones

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@nia.llywelyn @HuwJones where were you both? We were very busy from late morning onwards. We will be going again next year - will be taking more lager next time!

sorry Amanda - family issue