Weekend Course - Pontypool 22-23 November 2014

I’ve been to a couple of these weekend courses and they’ve both been really useful. Even if you learn nothing new it’s a great chance for a weekend full of Welsh. It looks as though you have to bring your own lunch for this one.

In the past we’ve been divided up based on the level of the evening course being studied. If you’re totally SSiW (like me), here’s a simple mapping from the South Wales evening courses to SSiW based on where I was with SSiW and the level I picked.

  • Midway through course 1 - Mynediad
  • My girlfriend did this level and found it comfortable
  • Completed course 2 - went into Sylfaen 2
  • Found it comfortable.
  • Completed course 3 - went into Canolradd
  • Had a chat session with people from the Uwch class and held my own

Don’t worry about picking the wrong level - you can change at any time.

Coleg Gwent courses get talked about a little more in this thread

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For those of you who can go the courses are good value and are to be thoroughly recommended.
The recent weekend course was again very good value.
The weekend course is only £10.00 but lunch is not provided although tea and coffee are. Unfortunately the next weekend course in Pontypŵl is not until the end of March next year but there are one day (Saturday) courses at a cost of £15.00 at a number of locations in the area covered by Coleg Gwent.
There is an excellent opportunity to speak as much Welsh as you can and there is usually a Welsh book shop.