Week behind

I am now a week behind due to ill health, I have difficulties concentrating due to arthritis pain. I am persevering as I have wanted to speak welsh for many years. Are there any hints or tips anyone can give me on trying to catch up?

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Sorry to hear you haven’t been well, but don’t let worrying about catching up add to your stress. It’s fine to slow down and take things at your own pace.
If you need to pause the weekly course emails at anytime you can - just ask admin@saysomethingin.com to put you on pause, but if you’d rather press on, remember that you don’t have to have nailed each challenge perfectly before moving on, so there’s no need to spend too much time going over and over them.
Also, maybe ignore the ‘badge’ tasks when they crop up for now - these are ‘extras’ designed to help push you a bit, but they are not compulsory, you can always come back to them in your own time later if you wish.
Another thing that will help is to hear Welsh whenever you can - have S4C or radio Cymru, or a Welsh podcast on while you’re doing something else. Don’t actively listen to them, just have them on. It’s amazing how much your brain will pick up from the rhythms and patterns of the language without you telling it to!