Week 7 lessons 12 and 13

Does anyone have any tips on how to master these two? The Week 7 email says don’t get discouraged and I’m supposed to be moving on to Week 8 today but I still can’t get through these two lessons without using the pause button a lot of the time… Diolch!

Challenges 12-14 are notoriously demanding, but the general advice is just to press on regardless. However, without using the pause button on a continuous basis I would never have got through any of the challenges. But I’m now, a year or more on, able to hold my own in Cymraeg and am having regular chats on Skype and the Slack website. Here are a few links to previous discussions on these particular challenges:


Helo Mari, I’m at the same stage as you, and I plan to just press on regardless in the hope that some of it will have lodged somewhere in my head for future use! I had to use the pause button just to try to remember the sentences in English I was supposed to be saying in Welsh. Kept getting things wrong too. But, I’m taking all the advice, not trying to master everything in those lessons, and moving on. :grinning:


That really is NOT a problem! In fact, from the sound of it, you’re probably doing better with these two nasty ones than about 90% of other people…:wink:

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There’s some great encouragement on these challenges in Slack from people who’ve gone through them - if you’re doing one of the supported courses :slight_smile:

For example:

I’ve just finished challenge 19 and I thought I’d pop back here with a bit of encouragement. I struggled immensely with challenges 12 & 13 and thought I’d never progress past there. I simply couldn’t remember the phrases. (Hmm…not too encouraging so far!). But I pushed on regardless and forgot these 2 challenges. After challenge 18 I thought I’d try them again. Well…either Cat and Aran have recorded whole new phrases in that couple of weeks, or…(more likely!), the process works! :grin::grin::grin::rainbow: I found challenges 12 & 13 much easier.