Week 14 lesson 13

Hi. Bit confused. … or just a bit thick. Todays email says we only have to go through lesson 13 once ,not master it. I thought we were meant to listen to the lessons until we were about 80% proficient.

The 80% advice is old. The audio files were made when there were no supporting emails etc, so it was just to stop people repeating the Challenges over and over trying to get them perfect.

The next few Challenges are quite difficult, but it’s fine to just go through once then move to the next one, then a few Challenges down the track come back and run through them again.

It’s also fine to do them 2-3 times each, if you feel that works best for you.

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Thank you so much Deborah. That will make life so much easier
I wish I had realised that weeks ago.

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