Webster's Welsh Thesaurus Editions

This morning I ran across a copy of Jane Austen’s novel Emma with some of the keywords on each page translated into Welsh as footnotes at the bottom of the page. Apparently it’s part of a series of classic books published by Icon into a variety of different languages and meant for language learners.

The full list of their titles with Welsh can be found here: Webster’s Welsh Thesaurus Editions

I’m curious if anyone has used these before, and if so, how helpful they’ve found them for building their Welsh vocabulary as they read English language works.

Is anyone aware of Welsh language books that have this sort of English vocabulary cross listed on the page? (Sort of the way in which lingo.360.cymru has news stories in Welsh with English translation help along the way?)

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Also the “Cam at y Cewri” series published by Gomer, and there are plenty of novels with vocab on the page available from Y Lolfa in their “Learners” section like this one by Lois Arnold: https://www.ylolfa.com/products/9781848518827/sgŵp!-nofel-i-ddysgwyr

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