Hi all,

Do SSIW still do the feature that connects fluent speakers to learners via webcam?

I cant seem to find this on the site.



Do you mean the groups we have on Slack? We have two Slack workspaces, one (the 6/6 group) for those doing the structured courses and the other (the WSP group) for anyone, SSiW or not, and they both accommodate chats via webcam, but you can’t access them through this forum, you need to be on the Slack platform and be a member of the group (invites for 6/6 are sent automatically to those on the courses, invites for WSP can be got by emailing :slight_smile:

Hi, it was originally on the SSIW website but you didn’t need to be signed up to any course to gain access, guessing it got moved over to this Slack platform.

Thanks for you help, I’ll have a look at Slack.


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