Weather mutations

So I wanted to write a sentence about the weather. I know that adjectives mutate after yn, so I would get sentence like Mi hi’n wyntog heddiw. But what if it’s cold, wet and windy. Would all the adjectives mutate or just the first one?
Mae hi’n oer, wlyb ac wyntog heddiw.
Or Mae hi’n oer, gwlyb a gwyntog heddiw.

It doen’t really matter, Emma, because you can include them with the yn or without,

“Mae hi’n oer, yn wlyb ac yn wyntog” sounds a bit more natural to my ear, because it “flows” a bit better than “mae hi’n oer gwlyb a gwyntog”. I think that’s more to o with the “long list” than any grammatical rules, though. “Mae’n oer a gwyntog” sounds totally natural as well, and if you said “mae’n oer a wyntog”, it might sound a bit less natural, but there’s a “ac yn” sort of implied by the mutation, so you’d get away with it… (Getting away with it is what speaking is all about, of course!!!)

Thanks, Iestyn.
It would be an alternative I hadn’t even thought of!
I am quite happy to just get away with it when speaking, but it’s nice to know just what I’ve been getting away with!

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That’s exactly the right attitude!