We have

Bore da, sut dach chi, this should be an easy question/answer lol,
How would I say,
We have workmen walking through the kitchen and there’s a lot of mess.
Is it
Mi gynnon ni weithwr cerdded trwy’r gegin a mae na llawer o lanast.
Or would I use "dan ni wedi weithwyr cerdded trwy’r gegin a mae na lawer o lanast?

Just a couple of typos and small grammar stuff:
Mae gynnon ni weithwyr yn cerdded trwy’r gegin ac mae’na lawer o lanast.
I must admit that I am not sure how common it is to use the possessive structure to basically express “there are”, or if it sounds odd, so I personally would probably just say
Mae gweithwyr yn cerdded trwy ein cegin ac mae llawer o lanast.There are workmen walking through our kitchen and there is a lot of mess.
(Just in the general idea that there is more than one way to express the same thing, and that you don’t have to translate word for word.)

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That’s brilliant, thanks Hendrik, i was thinking about the possessive structure later on and thought that it doesn’t sound correct as I don’t own the workers lol, many thanks for your help