Ways to say yes and no

So I know in Welsh there are many ways to say yes and no depending on the context, but is there a word for yes or no that people use for everything even though it is incorrect. Did a regular word for yes or no develop from influence of English in casual speech by any chance?

Well, Welsh has ie for yes and na for no, but strictly speaking the correct use of those is only to answer questions that don’t begin with a verb. However, if you are stuck, you can use ie and na to keep the conversation flowing.
In order to get a feel for how Welsh yes and no works, try answering English questions avoiding yes and no, like this:
Do you live here? I do/don’t. :slight_smile:


Thank you very much. That is a really great tip.

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Great explanation @Hendrik. I wish I had thought/known about that sooner.

I have just twigged that is a helpful way to get your head round it - though I still get flustered in real conversations. I think I talk better Welsh in my own head!

Thanks for that! Great tip!