Washington, DC: Wales v. South Africa Rugby International, 2 June 2018!

HUGE excitement here as the rumor is confirmed: Wales will play South Africa in Washington, D.C.in rugby on June 2, 2018! Come join the Washington DC Welsh in cheering on the boys!

Please chime in if you want me to keep you abreast of any plans to buy a ticket block – a private message will do, since I would need your email address.

The details:
Saturday, June 2nd, 2018, 7 p.m. [NOTE: Tickets actually say 5 pm]
RFK Stadium
Washington, D.C.
Tickets on sale March 13th (I will post link to ticket info when available)


@Deborah-SSi - ebost? :slight_smile:

Do hope it will be on teledu here!

I’ve already got a rather satisfying mental image going on of Diane and her friends belting out the national anthem before the game. Gwych!


No question! Funny story on that: A lovely guy from Merthyr, Paul, owns a soccer (football) bar here in DC, www.luckybardc.com. He is very happy to have us local Welshies take over a central table when Wales plays big games, so you can imagine what the scene was like during the Euros. For one of the big games then, the bar was full of people leftover from previous games and etc.

At the appropriate moment pregame, we stand up and belt out the Welsh National Anthem, maybe 20-25 of us. I look over to the side . . . and some random civilian is videoing us on her iPhone. :slight_smile:

To be fair, the Icelandic team had an overlapping game, a little off to the side . . . and they made at least as much proud noise as we did!


Singing the Anthem is good, but it seems to me that you have more than enough to form an American cheerleader team with @tahl out front waving her pom-poms. :smile: "Give us a C; give us a a Y; Give us a M … "

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I know it is almost all in English, but “Hymns and Arias” is good to sing, at least the chorus,as the verses are a bit long and specific really to a game I remember well at Twickenham! But you could sing Calon Lan all in Welsh!
For Hymns and Arias -

I’m planning a trip over for my 40th birthday. Would love to find out about how to get tickets.

Great! I don’t have info on how to buy tickets yet, but will definitely share it when I do . . .

I saw that earlier. Think it’s a hoax. I’ve emailed the stadium to see when more details come out. Diolch Huw and Tahl

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Tickets aren’t on sale until MARCH 13th, according to all information that I’ve heard.

Also realize that it’s a 40,000+ seat stadium, and we aren’t a big rugby-watching country. Even if they aren’t using the whole stadium seating capacity, which seems likely to me, I doubt it’ll sell out…:slight_smile:


Ok, here’s what we in the Washington DC Welsh are doing about tickets!


Presale is actually on now – use the word eventsdc as the code – and it ends when public sales start tomorrow (Tuesday 13 March). So we actually are recommending that if folks want to sit in the same area as us, go get your ticket today, or at least as fast as you can.

We couldn’t get info on how to get a “block,” but we made a decision to start individually buying in specific areas:

  • Section 234 ($92.50) – We’ve started off with folks sitting in rows 8 and 9, so you might want to join us there & nearby.
  • Section 235 ($92.50) – Thinking this is the fallback for 234.
  • Section 450 ($67.50) – We’ve got some folks starting in row 2.

Comment: None of these are the most expensive seats (those are $152!), and the 200s are quite close to a try line. The 450 seats are more central, BUT the danger is that they’re in an upper level, and that could be quite empty, as it apparently is at pro soccer games. The stadium seats 45,000, and we have no clue how many people will actually show up, since rugby isn’t a major sport here. My friend sits often in the 234 section for soccer & says there’s good atmosphere in that section then.

My friend noticed that some more-central sections (e.g., 231-233) don’t seem to be on sale – don’t know if those have already sold or not been put on sale yet.

I bought in Section 234, Row 9, Seat 1 – come join me and the rest of the Washington DC Welsh!

Suggestion for coping with the Ticketmaster website: Use the price sliders to narrow down to the price category you want (see info above) – that will make it easier to get to the section & row.

Oh, and we are also organizing a pre- or post-game meetup for visiting Wales fans at a local bar . . . stay tuned for more info on that!

EDIT to add: I’m surprised at how high the ticket prices are. I hope it doesn’t keep too many people away. :frowning:


The excitement is building as we approach the great Wales v. South Africa rugby match here in Washington, D.C. this Saturday! Tickets are still available on Ticketmaster.

Whether or not you’re coming to the game, we hope you’ll join us for the many special events we have planned for the weekend – partying at Lucky Bar (owned by Paul from Merthyr…), a big tailgate, and a concert by a male voice choir from Ontario. It’s going to be great fun.

In case that image doesn’t work well, here’s the info: And instead, this weekend, please come to one or all of the special events below! In brief:

  • Friday night 6/1, 7:00 - : Party at Lucky Bar, 1221 Connecticut Ave NW (near south exit of Dupont Circle metro). Welsh choir! Drink specials (secret code: Cymru am byth!)

  • Saturday afternoon 6/2, noon - 5pm: Tailgate party in Lot 8 of RFK stadium! Free admission (look for the Washington Welsh flag), buy food/drink from vendors there.

  • Saturday evening 6/2, 5pm: The big game at RFK, Wales v. South Africa!

  • Saturday night 6/2, postgame: Back to Lucky Bar to celebrate (secret code: Cymru am byth!)

  • Sunday afternoon 6/3, 3pm: Concert by Burlington Welsh Male Chorus, St. David’s Episcopal Church, 5150 Macomb St NW, 20016. (No metro access – drive/cab/Uber) Free admission.

Please come, and invite anyone you know! The definitive place for fuller details, including on parking for the tailgate, etc., etc., are at the Washington DC Welsh homepage – please check there for any updates. We also keep our Facebook page updated.

C’mon Wales! Ymlaen Cymru!

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Is this where we comment on the game? I still haven’t seen it all. It was a bit late for the aged and infirm last night. If I’d known that the Boks would rise again in second half, i might not have slept so well! But it was going OK. Two scratch teams, in our case not entirely due to choice! (Diolch English Union!). I was pleasantly surprised by our resolution, determination and execution! Boks lucky that we didn’t realise we were throwing a simple try to them! So, 3 more for us and slight recompense for that mistake! More I see, more it is clear Wales the better team! I do know we won! Da iawn bechgyn bach!

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