Wanting to Introduce Myself

Hello, all!

I just started the SSiW course a few days ago, and I’m currently on the sixth challenge. My head hurts like hell, and I’m taking this to be a good sign. If the rest of the course is as good as these first few lessons, I feel that I’ve really got something to look forward to.The method is very new to me, and I’m already a convert.

I wanted to say a quick hello to everybody and a big thankyou to Aran- I stumbled across his ‘Some Sex and A Hill’ book while browsing Celtic language stuff on Amazon (looking for Irish language books, actually) and picked it up on a whim. I found it extremely inspiring, as I’m very enthusiastic about the native languages of these isles. Welsh was supposed to be a good way down the line for me after Irish and Gaelic, but after reading the book and doing the first few lessons, I’m hooked.

I’ve had plans to visit friends in Wales in September for some time now, and now I have a much more entertaining (and terrifying) plan than simply ‘walk around the countryside’. Hopefully I’ll be able to make my way through a few conversations in Welsh.

I hope to make some valuable contributions to these forums, and I look forward to interacting with you all.


Croeso/welcome!! This forum is a very handy resource. Where are you from? (I’m guessing Ireland or Irish decent?)

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Hi Dave and croeso (welcome).
You have a very good reason to learn Welsh and I’m sure you’ll fly through the course. If you have any questions, just come and ask here. And if you want to share any triumph, come and tell us.
Pob hwyl.

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You’re right there. I was born in Derry, but moved to England at a young age.


Hello DaveDraenog :slight_smile:


A very warm welcome to the forum, Dave - great username! And thank you so much for your kind words - it’s a real delight to hear that you responded like that to the book - I’m looking forward to seeing how it works out for you… :slight_smile: :star2:

welcome! keep at is, is my advice, i started with SSIW back in 2013ish, and now understand all normal, informal spoken welsh, and very often contribute myself in welsh. i can’t say i’m perfectly fluent, but who is?? put the time in, enjoy yourself, and the rest will come i promise you!


Croeso, Welcome @DaveHedgehog ! The Forum is full of helpful hints, answered cries of despair etc, etc. The thread “Really helpful ‘how to’…” is an example. If you go rambling round my country, from which I am in exile in Scotland (Yr Alban), take pictures and post them in the “What’s outside” thread! (Sorry, I live in the Dalriada but know no Scottish Gaelic)! p.s. If you didn’t guess from Gareth’s post ‘draenog’ is ‘hedgehog’!!

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Croeso / Welcome, DaveDraenog!

Enjoy yourself on the course, and definitely enjoy using your new language in September. Enjoy the terror, enjoy the stumbles and the “I don;t believe I just said that” moments, and also, make sure you nejoy all the little successes that come wyour way, because the little successes are what makes you suddenly realise a) that you can do this, and eventually b) that you have done it!


Thanks for all the encouragement, everyone! I’ll try to make a post about how I got on after I get back.

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I’m usually the first to welcome (as I’m more or less hoocked onto this forum) but this time I’m way late. However … Croeso mawr ar y fforwm! from me!

One more introduction and one more wellcome I’ll say I thought when I’ve clicked on the link but not because I wouldn’t like to welcome people but simply because sometimes I feel like I have nothing wise and inspiring to say to newcommers but when I’ve read you’ve 1) started to learn Welsh because you’ve stumbled across the Aran’s “Hill and a Sex” book and 2) you plan to visit friends in Wales and try to make some conversations along with that I’ve almost jumped from my chair out of excitement!

Yes, yes, yes! This is the right attitude! my soul shouted out (if I’d really start to shout where i live neighbours wouldn’t be too happy with that :smile:).

So really big welcome. As the things are right now, you don’t need much of encouragement I believe. You have everything you need - the goal the resources to acheave it and the determination to acheave it aswell. So, Dal ati! (keep at it).

As the others said, there are a lot of resources and also useful and fun stuff on the forum to keep you motivated and eager to learn more.

The topics @henddraig mentioned are here:

  • Really useful ‘How to’ stuff and other great posts where you can find a lot of resources about how to do things on the forum but also some great info and resources about learning Welsh aids if you’d be eager to use them in the future and
  • What’s outside where the subject is everything what can be found outside in the nature from birds, plants, happenings and more with the aim of learning new related words and get some interesting reading and pictures along with this. The thread is huge, with 2656 posts one of the largest I believe so it could get you occupied a bit to browse it all. But this forum has one great feature, it puts you back where you’ve finished previously when you come on it next time so you can go across it in parts (as across every topic though).

Tatjana :slight_smile:

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