Wales rugby tour to New Zealand

Just 8 weeks to go! Yesterday, 5 minutes after they went on sale, I bought 2 tickets for the All Blacks v Wales test at Eden Park on the 11th July.

The last time I saw Wales play ‘live’ was at the same venue, when they lost to France in the semi-final of the 2011 World Cup, played with 14 men for about an hour and could/should have won. I can hardly wait, although there is a certain amount of trepidation as I’m going with a Kiwi friend and although I think Wales can win there’s always the possibility, against the AB’s, it could be embarrassing.

Any other Ssiw people going? If so perhaps we could meet. If you are still looking for accommodation in NZ, I have a self-catering cottage that sleeps up to 4, Riverside Cottage, Kaiwaka, advertised on AirBnb and Trip Advisor Holiday Rentals at a very reasonable rate and will happily give at least another 30% discount to any Ssiw Wales supporter who will siarad Cymraeg gyda fi. Anyone interested please pm me.

I realise Aran and Iestyn, that this forum is not for advertising holiday cottages, my apologies, but I hope it might be possible to provide cheap discounted accommodation to a Ssiwer (or Ssiwers) with whom I can speak Welsh, - a win /win situation for us both/all and also, hopefully celebrate a Welsh win over the All Blacks.

No, no, no, you’re more than welcome - always happy to see this sort of Welsh-speaking socialising happening… :thumbsup: :star: :star2:

I’m just dying a little inside with absolute, ravenous jealousy! :cry:

I promised myself some years ago that I’d figure out how to advertise our Spanish course successfully in time for me to be able to afford to visit NZ for at least a couple of weeks of this tour - and I’ve failed miserably.

On the bright side, that probably increases our chances of a first victory against the All Blacks in my lifetime to a near certainty…:wink:

Diolch yn fawr, Aran.

I’m sorry that you won’t be able to make it to Seland Newydd this year. I’m sure I would have been able to persuade my wife that we should up the dis count to 60% or even 90% for such illustrious Ssiwers, if you had considered staying at Riverside Cottage.

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It would have been a delight (although I think we’d have been honour bound to take the standard SSiW discount!). Unfortunately, it would currently require selling at least one of the children.

Which is a thought, actually…


[quote=“bedw_arian, post:1, topic:4835”]
I bought 2 tickets for the All Blacks v Wales test at Eden Park on the 11th July.
[/quote]Envy! Eiddigedd! Now I’m old enough and have saved enough to afford the flight, my health isn’t good enough to travel!!

Just 8 weeks to go! Yesterday, 5 minutes after they went on sale, I bought 2 tickets for the All Blacks v Wales test at Eden Park on the 11th July.

I think you mean 11th June, as thats when I’m going. In the afternoon before the game my party, about
30, mostly from South Wales, will be at the Northcote Rugby club to watch a game, and then be entertained by them before moving on to Eden Park. Will be over for all the games , but staying at the Stamford Plaza while in Auckland.

From previous trips with the group I’m going with, there have normally been between 3 or 4 Welsh speakers, and on the Lions in Australia about 18!

Edrych ymlaen i gwrdd â chi.

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Yes I do mean June and not July.

I don’t know whether I can make it to Auckland earlier on the day of the match - depends to some extent on my Kiwi travelling companion, but I’ll see what I can do.
However, do enjoy your trip to Aotearoa and the matches whatever the results.
Cymru am byth!

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Hi there, I live in Hamilton with my Welsh speaking partner and we have a spare double bed at our place, if anyone wants to stay for a few days - Rob is going to all of the Welsh matches, and would be keen to catch up with some fellow Welsh speakers.


Visiting Te Rapa Club before the Chiefs game for pre match meal etc, however since I’m ‘dieting’, am more than willing to stand at the bar talking/listening/drinking! Its ok, drinking is part of my diet.
After the game we’re heading back to our hotel in Rotorua.
Hope to see you there.


This afternoon’s game is. I believe, called a ‘friendly’. Personally, I should think that the entire tour of NZ would be more friendly that any game against our ancient foe! Lack of our Captain does not help! Ah well, I will watch with trepidation!.
Edit: I’m going into mourning for Welsh Rugby and there’s still 14 minutes to play! The fact that I’m typing this says everything for the quality of Wales’ efforts!
At least England are not depending on penalties to win!!! 4 more minutes of pain! Bye! Dim hwyl yna!!

Still waiting!
I was 12 and we’d moved to York. We had no tele! Any good news of Wales v NZ got lost in the blur of the Coronation and Hilary on Everest!! Also, nobody knew that, in my 75th year, I’d still be waiting to see us win!
Well done All Blacks, but at least we started well and I got some cheering and singing in!! Work on it boys!! Don’t give up!!!
Damn! If we lose by a mile, after a lesson in running rugby, from the Chiefs, how can we ever expect to beat the All Blacks!!

Oh dear… 18/10/2016
I am 74 and not in good health! Would so like to see us beat the All Blacks! Once would do! :sob:
One more tour game to go… I would so like to post a dancing dragon, a star etc!!
Some brave and brilliant running rugby, but we need line-out ball and much better retention!
@tatjana opinion?

Life doesn’t let me watch the whole games of this tour but as much as I watched (it was somewhere in the middle of 2nd half) I can agree with you. I hope our boys beat them soon. (Must I set a challenge to myself regarding my Cymraeg so Cymru would beats AllBlacks???) :smile:

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You mean, by the time we win, you will be totally fluent and writing verse for Eisteddfodau?? :wink:
p.s. Sorry about this but I am having terrible trouble following your instructions for posting links to other subjects on the Forum. I find the print of the examples too small to read and can’t quite work out what you are doing where. Could you send me another lesson, in very simple language? Send it as a PM if you like!!

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Will I ever see us beat the All Blacks??
(Llanelli 6 - Seland Newydd 3 does not count!) - and it’s a while ago now!
Beauden Barrett reminded me very much of Barry John! (Is his Granny Welsh???)!! :grin:
At least we didn’t give up, even if that did give them another try!!
Ah well… here is hoping for the pel droed to give me a real smile!!!