Hi Aran, I can’t find the vouchers to send to a friend! Could you point the way please? Diolch

Hi Eluned - just seen your email - sorry, on Christmas break!

Do you have full access to all the materials already? If so, I think we’ve temporarily taken the link to the vouchers offline (the voucher system hasn’t really been working in terms of generating new users, and we’re in the middle of fine tuning it a bit) - it’ll be back in the new year, but if this is time sensitive for you, just ask your friend to sign up and then if you email his/her email address (as used to sign up) then we can set up access to the first 10 sessions manually :sunny:

Sorry that this is still a bit hiccupy! And thank you very much for your patience and support :thumbsup:

Thanks Aran that is what I shall do. The friend’s name is Ana Casado her email is [hidden]. I am not yet able to access the last few lessons of Level 1 and then I shall be doing level 2 which I am looking forward to immensely.

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Hi, I’ve just removed that mail address to avoid it getting picked up by spambots; I’ll make sure Aran sees it.

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Thanks for this. Happy Christmas

Hi Eluned! I can’t see an account set up for Ana with that email address yet - has she signed up? As soon as I can see it, I’ll be able to do something about it :sunny:

Hi Aran, Ana got back to me to say thanks and that it was for her partner Will so he can speak Spanish to her and I asked that when Will signs up he mentions Ana’s email address. Will that be ok?

There won’t really be a place for him to mention that - but if he contacts me and lets me know the email address he used to sign up, I can sort it out :sunny:

Ive forwarded the info so Will can contact you when he logs in. Blwyddyn newydd dda 2015!

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