Vouchers don't seem to be working

I’m trying to send vouchers to a friend but nothing happens when I click on the Send £100 Voucher button on https://www.saysomethingin.com/spanish/access - no errors, no pops, it’s as if I’d not clicked on it.

I’ve tried Chrome and IE with no success.



¡Hola James!

I’ll mark this thread for the attention of @aran and/or @Kinetic so that you can get a response from someone at HQ asap.

Hasta luego,


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Hi James - very sorry for that - we might have some issues with what’s showing to whom, because we’re in the process of changing the whole voucher/share set-up - I’ll tag @kinetic and send him an email to draw his attention to this… :sunny:

Hi James,

I’ve found what was causing this in your case and fixed it. However, as Aran says, we are in the process of changing how this all works, so this functionality is likely to change soon!

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