Volunteer '5 Minute' Listeners

Hi Desra,
I do have a listening partner but I’d be very happy to have another one. I live in Cheshire and I’m also usually free in the evenings and weekends.
All the best, Jill

Fantastic - diolch yn fawr. I’ll drop you a message to arrange a good time. Yikes!! :smiley: nervous smile

Shwmae Desra, shwmae @jill-hazel-walsh

Dw i wedi siarad gyda @hannah-deuchler a dyn ni’n mynd i siarad eto ar y penwythnos. Ond hoffen i gwrdd a mwy pobol os dwi’n gallu.
Dw i wedi ymddeol felly mae llawer o amser gyda fi.

Anfona neges i fi os dych chi’n moyn!

Thanks for the reply @darren-fox, though it looks like your Welsh is far more advanced than mine. I had to use Google translate for the last line :slight_smile:

I will definitely get in touch when I feel more confident. Diolch eto.

Diolch! There is every possibility that the Welsh is wrong though!!

That’s one of the reasons we try to keep English as the forum language (except for the thread https://en.forum.saysomethingin.com/t/be-dach-chin-gwneud-rwan-a-phethau-arall-yn-gymraeg-a-topic-to-practice-welsh-open-to-all ), because although we know people are keen to get practising their written Welsh, it can sometimes put off newer learners who think they aren’t advanced enough (and speaking and writing are very different skills! :wink: ).


HI Darren,
It would be great to speak to you. I’m around in the evenings (except for Mondays) and alternate weekends and can sometimes be flexible around lunchtimes.
I will message you and see what we can arrange.

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I am generally free on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday evenings. And most of the time at the weekends. Just let me know!

Hey @desra ! I’m quite occupied with other things at the moment. But I’m glad to read that you’ll partner up with Jill and Darren!

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I’d like a listening partner please. I’m on the US west coast Pacific Standard Time Zone, so like 9am for me is 5pm in the UK I think. I’m available in my mornings that are UK evenings if anyone might have that time free. Diolch yn fawr!

Have you tried the #american-chat channel in the 6/6 Support Slack workspace @RoseWestwood ? They regularly hold chats in PST and you could find a listening partner there.


Diolch yn fawr!

Hi Rose, I am looking for someone to zoom with for week 20 for the 5 minute sentences. Are you still looking? I can do a most evenings UK time (not Wednesdays though) if that suits you?
Let me know if you can and we can set a time for zoom?

Also a general question for anyone willing to answer:
I have been changing my sentences daily, so using the same sentence stems but just thinking of a new ending to each sentence each day. Is this right or should the whole sentences be the same everyday?

This is perfect Emily :slight_smile:
There is no requirement to change the sentences every day, but if you can do that, it’s reinforcing the structures which is much more valuable than just repeating the same endings.
Well done!


Helô, mae pawb! Is anyone here available to be a sentence swapping partner? I’m in the States, (MST), but I’d also be willing to try working with the UK time difference. I’m doing the Northern course week 22. Diolch yn fawr iawn!

Helo! Are you still looking for a sentence swap partner? I’m on week 20.

I am willing to listen, but I should also like someone to listen to me. The trouble is I live in Japan, and I do not have a smart-phone (only a full-sized computer), though I do of course have an ordinary telephone.

Oh, and I am doing the Northern course.

Hi Rose
I live in New Hampshire—3 hours difference-but I am a late riser. I need someone to talk and listen with.

I would like to ask someone questions. they answer then ask me some and i answer
But how do we get in touch?