Voice recordings

I feel I am missing out as I can only record my sentences if I have access to desk top as it doesn’t work on my phone which is a Huawei?

You should be able to record audio on a Huawei. My Huawei phone has a voice recorder in the Tools. Have you tried that?

Yes but when I press record it doesn’t register. I’ve tried changing browser too and still it won’t work. That’s why im having to resort to laptop

I’m not sure what you mean by “it doesn’t register”. If this is something for the official SSiW course it would be best to ask on the official Slack.

However, having said that the Huawei voice recorder in Tools should work, I’ve just tried it and it isn’t doing what I expected. There are various recording apps that you could install, but as I said above, best to ask for advice in the official forum.

Are you trying to use the SSiW Voice Recorder tool that comes in the emails? What happens when you click on the Record icon?
I’ll flag @kinetic in case he has some advice for you.

Which browser are you using on your Huawei device?

I assume you’re referring to the recorder that looks like this:

You first need to click on the microphone symbol on the left; when you do, it should ask for your permission to use the microphone. Does that happen? Or does it go wrong before that point?

Yes I am. Nothing happens when I press record. I works ok on laptop but the thumbnails don’t work on my phone.