Vocabulary Sheets

I have recently started SSIW and wondered is it okay to refer to the vocabulary lists when you are trying to repeat phrases. I don’t always need them but wondered if this was an acceptable way of learning if they are beside you for reference? Sorry if the questions sounds stupid :slight_smile:

When I started, I felt lost and wondered the same thing.
But I didn’t ask, I just tried to do it and well…I discovered that it was a very bad idea:
the next day I couldn’t remember anything at all from that one challenge, and I had to do it again.

Actually I always felt completely confused at the end of each challenge (without reading) and I often couldn’t figure out where a word started and finished, just tried to repeat the sounds I heard the best I could.
But strange as it may sound, they all start to make sense at some point, and it looks like your brain actually remembers much more than you’d expect!

p.s. I think it’s always good to ask, no questions are stupid!
Actually now I know there’s also a few posts in which @aran explains why it is better to read vocabulary lists only after completing the challenge(s) but sorry I can’t find it right now!


Yes, the advised best way is to listen first, then look at the written vocab afterwards. This will clarify any sound reproduction or listening quirks. Reading before or during the challenge will distract from listening or allow your brain to incorrectly interpret rhe word pronunciation.


Nope, if they’re beside you for reference, they’ll make the process easier - and that will feel nice for you, but it will have a dramatically negative impact on how much you learn… :slight_smile: