Vocabulary on Android app

Sorry if this question has been asked before, but does anyone know how to see the vocabulary list on the android app. My friend uses IOS and the vocabulary is easy to find.

Hi! At the moment you can’t see it within the app, but you can easily download it from the browser (just like on a computer) under each challenge:

or in a pdf from this thread: Vocabulary from Challenges - General / Questions - SSi Forum

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@jamesmahoney I thought there used to be Vocab in the Android app. Am I mistaken? I’ve looked now and can’t find it, but I can’t find Settings either, and I thought that used to be there. If people want to change from north to south, do they have to do it in the website?

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I have the Android app on the phone, you can change south/north from the settings. But no vocab lists in it (confirmed by @jamesmahoney just recently in other thread)

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I can’t even find the Settings :frowning: Maybe I’ve got an old version, though I’ve just noticed it has the 1 Sentence a Day on it now and I didn’t think it had that before.

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I can’t remember when the 1 sentence appeared, but if you see three tiny dots on the top right and tap on them you should get the settings,FAQ etc.

I can’t see three dots at the top right. I only have the arrow circle for updating, but if I click that it tells me it has only updated the free content and I have to log in, but I can’t see anywhere to log in either. I know it used to work fine for me so something has changed and now I’m stuck. It’s an old phone which I just use for these kinds of apps - Android 4.3 - could that have something to do with it? @jamesmahoney

I’ve moved this Android discussion into the other thread where it’s more relevant and hopefully when @jamesmahoney has some spare time he’ll be able to pop in and enlighten me :slight_smile:

If you don’t see the three dots that indicate the settings it’s probably because your device has a special settings button instead. This might be a physical button, or it might be an onscreen button. Or it might be a button that only appears when you press and hold the home button. These phones all do stuff in slightly different ways, so who knows.

What model of phone is it?

You are mistaken. Vocab never got added in because I’m not as soft as that there @lewie, with his cool features and his user friendly goings on.

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Yes, that’s it. It’s an old Samsung Desire SIII, so I clicked around at the bottom below the screen and up popped the Settings menu! It shows that I’m logged in as ‘Dee’ but I still get the message about ‘Could not download member only lesson details’ if I try to update.