Vocabulary lists collation

At the moment, I copy the vocabulary list after the listening practise and put it into a document in Drive. However, it does tend to look somewhat odd, so I laboriously alter the line spacing etc. Is there a link or something to an easily accessible vocabulary list? I can’t find one.
Diolch yn fawr iawn, pawb,


Yes, as it happens, some kind person made PDFs of the content.
However, it goes without saying that the rule is not to look at each section until we have already completed the relevant Challenge, just to gain the maximum benefit from the system :slight_smile:
Anyway - the following link should lead to the PDFs - Please click to also see level 1 and 3 lists.


Diolch yn fawr, Thank you, John
I don’t look at the vocabulary lists until I’ve heard the relevant challenge but then I like to look at the words I’ve perhaps not heard quite correctly, also as an aide memoire. I’m on challenge 1, North, so perhaps some other kind person has created a PDF?

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Hi @joanna-melville-rich,
Try the second post down on the thread that JohnYoung linked to above.

Just found the vocabulary list for Level 2. Many thanks it is so useful for Revision purposes.

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