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Generally is it better to have the vocabulary list open when doing a challenge or not? I just did level 1 challenge 7 and struggled a bit with … Well, pretty much all of it actually lol. I found myself searching the vocab list constantly but that slowed me down so I didn’t really respond in time, but was concerned that without the list I wouldn’t have responded at all. At one stage I even forgot how to say puedo!

100% not - it will seriously undermine the learning process, and lead to you building a different set of recall structures (prompt -> read -> speak) from the ones you actually need (prompt -> speak).

The struggle is normal (if by struggle you mean that you made a lot of mistakes) - mistakes are fine, they help with the process of forming memories. But relying on the written word to help you, even if it makes you feel you’ve scored some ‘hits’, is very damaging to the process of forming the memories you need.

It’s absolutely normal that you ‘forgot’ (or didn’t process in time) puedo - it doesn’t mean you’re forgetting it, just that you’re getting more and more practice at producing it when you’re tired, overloaded, and focusing on other words - that is, you’re doing what you need to make it more automatic for you - when it becomes properly automatic, you’ll be able to produce it when you need it in real conversations… :sunny:

That’s really helpful, thank you. So onwards and upwards with 8 now, will listen and respond. I found 7 the most challenging yet and that’s the only one where I used the vocabulary list to refer to. I felt it was more of a hindrance than a help to be honest so thanks for the clarification :grinning:

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I’m really pleased we were able to nip that in the bud - well done you for coming on here and asking about it… :thumbsup: :star2:

And don’t worry that 7 is a sign that things start getting gradually tougher - it’s an up and down journey, and just when you think you’ve found a lesson that really didn’t stick at all for you, you’ll discover that the next one, instead of being worse, feels oddly easier… :sunny:

I completed both Spanish levels a few months ago. I then stopped as the motivation ran low, but its kicked back in! Now i can only get up to level 2 challenge 5 so im assuming something has changed. I wanted was the vocab lists up to level 2 challenge 25- I was then planning on purchasing the tourist course then. Is this possible?
Btw my new boss in London is Spanish so i’ll be able to practice a lot with her.

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Yeah, we’ve been playing around with what’s in/outside paywalls and stuff there - but I’m sure we can open that up to you on a Welsh subscription… :slight_smile: Give me a chance to bounce that off Ifan tomorrow…:slight_smile: