Vocabulary list for the Automagic tool?

Hello, I’ve been trying out the “automagic” lessons here on SaysomethinginWelsh, and so far they seem to be pretty alright for me, but I’ve gotten up to the point where the lessons are introducing multiple fairly similar phrases in quick succession, and I’m not able to get them right more than one in every six repetitions. It would be really helpful to have a vocabulary list to go along with that I’m learning, just so I could try and separate (for example) “I’ve started” from “I’ve just started” and “I’ve forgotten” which I’m really struggling with.

I think I’ll probably get them eventually, but I’ve really not been able to differentiate them in my memory at all. Of course, the program repeats sentences a few times for you, so I can technically get them right after being told the right answer via repetition, but every time the lesson switches to a different of the three, I can only randomly guess each time. I’m usually wrong, too.

I feel like, probably, this problem will return in other forms. So while I definitely want help with this specific speed bump, having some kind of vocabulary progression list in general would be nice if one exists. I promise not to peek ahead!

My experience might not be of any immediate use to you, but I’ve come to trust the process. Many of my "“Oh, I’ll never learn this” have somehow turned themselves into “O yeaah, I know that!” since I started in September. (The trick was to turn off the pressure on myself: there’s no law I have to learn this. Now I just look forward to it happening.) On the other hand, I understand the attraction of a safety net in form of vocab lists. Have you ever looked into the Challenges? Their lists may help you to puzzle things out.


Yes, as @SanneT says, if you pop into the Challenges - which you can reach by clicking on ‘Learn’ above, then ‘Learn’ again. The Challenges introduce new words in more or less the same order, so you should be able to use those lists as a backup reference if you need to.

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Oh thank you, that’s so helpful. I’ll try that right now!

Thank you <3

Looking at these lists, I think it’s all the "dw i wedi"s that have been getting me mixed up. Having them in succession makes it harder to compare them, but seeing them in the list will give me a better chance to compare them directly— and I can see easily now, how the parts of the phrases break down into meanings. I think I’ll do better on these ones!

Thank you both, so much!

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Honestly, I just want to come back because im so excited now. When I realized the connection in how cofio and anghofio I got so excited! It’s like how “need” is angen so it makes sort of like… “I need to remember” but all in one word! I’ve forgotten, so I need to remember!! Yes!!!

edit: I’m not sure if that is actually how the etymology situation breaks down, but i think i’m having lots of fun, regardless


I’ve never thought of it like that! If you can see patterns like that to help you cofio you’re going to do well!

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