Vocabulary in list frequently different from recorded

I am following the course for South but the vocab lists are for North. This is probably not a problem for most but because I have a hearing problem I find it very helpful to see text before I listen. I’ve just listened to lesson 13 & feel inclined to give up!!
Any suggestions please?!

I’ve just had a look at the vocab list for Level 1, challenge 13 South, and I can’t see any Northern forms there - but I’m looking at it on a PC, so if you’re using an app it might be a glitch I’ve not seen.
Which bit of vocab are you having trouble with in particular? Perhaps we can help explain it.

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The last time I had used the apps the vocabulary was correct - but if you change app or browser you always need to recheck in case it’s not taken the version you want.

Or especially if you use Android app where there’s no files, you can just download it all from here:

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Thanks very much both of you. I have now downloaded as suggested by Gisella. So no further problems I hope!