Vocabulary for old course?

Hi all –

I’ve done all of the old course and finished level 3 on the new one (and I often go back and do random lessons) – and there were lots of things in the old course that were really helpful to learn (particularly possessives with their mutations – “her car” “his dad” “my things” sort of thing, but also the short forms of things, like “will say” and “went” and “had” and things).

Is there anywhere where any of the old course vocabulary is written down? The hen cwrs is not particularly easy to follow, compared to the new one, and I kept getting tripped up, so it would be really helpful to have the vocab to refer to now to make sure all my wills and won’ts and shoulds and coulds have properly stuck!

Thanks –

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I think if you search for ‘vocab’ or ‘vocabulary’ on the forum you should dig up a bunch of links - failing that, there ought to be stuff under FAQ… :slight_smile:

On the website version (I’m not sure about the app), the vocab including some nice sentences along with the English translation, are available by clicking on “Vocabulary” for each lesson.

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Thank you! I usually use the app and hadn’t thought of looking on the computer. Due to a hiccup with my subscription I can’t access the courses at the moment, hopefully it will be sorted soon.