Vocab sessions, course 1

I’ve completed lessons 1 to 9 of Southern course 1, but I’m not sure where the vocab sessions fit in.

I thought I’d take a quick peek at the first vocab session before starting on lesson 10. But this first vocab session uses a number of words and phrases which I haven’t heard before.

So - do the vocab sessions introduce new words and phrases for the first time, over and above those learnt in the lessons? Or have I somehow got hold of the wrong end of the stick (or perhaps even the wrong stick?!) Help please!

Hi Gavin,

I think that the vocab lessons assume that you’ve done all the lessons in Course 1, in terms of phrases used etc. But they do introduce new words and phrases as well, being vocab lessons :smile:


The vocab lessons of the old course pretty much require you to have done the main lessons of that course first (so, 1-25, and then the vocab lessons) - that’s the assumption that was made when they were written, at least.


Dont go there is my advice. I got in all sorts of tangles as a result. Much better to learn the patterns and add the vocab later.

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Hi Gavin! A number of people have asked the same question over the last few months, and got the same reply as you get above. I’m not sure why we’ve never thought of it before, but I have just added a little note to the Vocab 1 page that explains the course order.

Thank you for improving other people’s user experience by your question! :star:

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