Vocab list in app

Is there a vocabulary list with lessons in the app?
I cant find them ?

Not if it’s the android app, no, but there is on the IOS app and in the browser.

Thank you, im on android so I can stop searching for it now lol :laughing:


you’re probably ahead of me, but as Siaron has implied, you can actually find them using your Android device - you just need to connect to the main SSiW site using the device’s internet browser.

Vocab list in app - Welsh / General / Questions - SSi Forum (saysomethingin.com)

That’l bring you back here, but then you can (push) click on the “learn” tab above.

Thank you.
I 0nly downloaded the app today.
I’d used the website previously :smiley:


The app’s great for quick access to the audio files, and once you’ve downloaded them you can use them offline, but it doesn’t give you the whole experience :slight_smile: