Visiting Aberystwyth - 31st Aug / 1st Sep

Shw mae!

I’m going to be in Aberystwyth over the weekend of 31st Aug / 1st Sep. I’ve never been to Aberystwyth before, so I’m looking for suggestions for things to do and places to visit, ideally yn y Gymraeg. :grinning:

Also, if anyone wants to meet up while I’m there, let me know. :slightly_smiling_face:

First of all, I’ll be glad to see you again, Hishiv, so let me know here or by pm when you’ll be available.

Places to visit. Aberystwyth hosts the National Library of Wales (LLGC) which is certainly worth a visit. If you like narrow gauge train trips, an excursion on the Vale of Rheidol line to and from Devil’s Bridge / Pontarfynach is always worth it. Walking along the prom and ascending Constitution Hill on foot or by the Electric Railway is an enjoyable tradition. At the top of “Consti” there is a Camera Obscura which gives a spectacular view of the town below and Cardigan bay.

Don’t miss the Old College and the Castle and the harbour/marina.
Above the National Library of Wales you have the Penglais campus of the University which includes the Arts Centre. Here’s the What’s On page

You’ll have no difficulty finding opportunities to speak Welsh in Aber. It is a pleasing mixture of Gogledd and proper Welsh. :wink: :laughing:

I’ll leave others to recommend eating and drinking places.
Hoping to see you again soon. :smile:


Diolch yn fawr for the suggestions Huw. :slight_smile: I’ll definitely try to check some of those out.

I’ll send you a message about meeting up once I have a better idea of what my schedule will be like.

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There’s a small museum which is interesting too.


Dylech chi ymweld a Siop y Pethe ac Amgueddfa Ceredigion.


I agree that Siop y Pethe and the Ceredigion Museum are both worth a visit. :+1:
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@HuwJones and anyone else who’s interested:

I’ve got plans to go to a Lindy Hop festival on the Saturday evening and Sunday afternoon, but apart from that my schedule is fairly flexible. So I can meet up with you during the day on Saturday, or Sunday morning / early afternoon (before 3pm).

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How about meeting for coffee at 3.00 pm on Saturday?
One of my favourite (small Welsh-speaking) cafe’s is
Sophie Bach Tea & Coffee room 13 Cambrian Pl, SY23 1NT


Sounds great. See you there. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hello Huw just read your conversation about places to visit in Aberystwyth .I am planing to put in a visit to Cymru whilst my wife is holidaying with her friends the week starting 15 October.Been learning Welsh for 4 years off and on with SSIW (originally from Tredegar(Blaenau Gwent now living in Ipswich)Did boot camp at Tresaith which was fantastic and need more practice.Plan to send drive south to Tred.after stay in Aberystwyth. Hwyl Bob

Sh’mae brawd (anyone from Tredegar is a brother - I was born in Beaufort :smile:)
Let me know when you’re in Aber and we’ll see if we can meet up.

Its a small world Huw.Yes will be in touch.Diolch:smiley:

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It was great to see you again, Hishiv. I hope you had an enjoyable hop or two. :smile:
Please see my pm.

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