Video Games in Welsh

Hi all, apologies if theres already a suitable topic for this, I couldn’t find one specifically about video games in general that are in Welsh.
This story has just been posted on the BBC;

So far it looks like they are just using a Welsh language soundtrack and incorporating aspects of Welsh culture in their latest game… Its a start.

Does anyone have examples of console/PC/mobile games the are in Welsh? Excluding the Duolingos etc. Would be another cool way to immerse yourself and interact in the language. I am struggling to find much.

It’s a shame that Wales and the Welsh language aren’t currently used more in games, but it’s good that some are working towards making that a thing. I’m looking forward to Maid of Sker - I do like horror games!

The only fairly recent example I can think of off the top of my head of Wales being represented in a game is in Total War: Thrones of Britannia, which has the Kingdom of Gwined (Gwynedd), and King Anaraut (Anarawd), and towns in Wales called “Aberffro” (Aberffraw), “Dugannu” (I assume Deganwy) and “Rudglann” (Rhuddlan). Not sure why they had to make so many changes to the names! But at least some Welsh history is being represented.

I hope someone takes up the challenge of making more Welsh games though, including using the language more. There’s so much history and mythology that would make great games and films, and it’s an area that is massively underdeveloped.

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I’m a big fan of the Total War games but not tried that one yet. You can also play as a unified Wales in Total War Medieval II. Good fun and mildly educational (history wise).
Still it would be good to have a Welsh language game as you don’t realise that you’re learning when you’re having fun!
Well to open it out, are there any other representations of Wales or Welsh (modern or historical) in video games?

The game Dicey Dungeons has a complete Welsh language Translation/localisation, see below link of playthrough of the game in Welsh. ‘Yn Chwarae’ Twitch channel also a good resource to practice your Cymraeg :slightly_smiling_face:


There is a Welsh language video game available on Steam - I think it’s called Master Reboot, or something like that. I played through the first couple of levels, but found being chased by a giant evil teddy bear too scary, so I stopped. My teenage self would be disgusted with me!

I’ve found playing computer games in their German localisations to be a really fun way to immerse myself in another language.

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You know what - it never occurred to me to look on Steam. Thanks for the recommendation, I’ll check it out

Any ideas @leiafee?

Dicey Dungeons /Dwnsiwn y Dis , Destructivator 2 a Moo Moo Move gyda gyda ferswin Cymraeg ar Steam.

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Pokemon Red has a Welsh translation, it’s a rom hac. Then on Steam There’s Dicey Dungeons, Destructivator 2 and Moo Moo Move. Dicey Dungeons is the largest game and Pokemon Coch.

If you want to get hold of the pokemon rom you will need to join the Welsh language Discord group ‘yn chwarae’

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Great suggestions, thanks