Very quick question

I’ve just been introduced to ‘llai’ in L2.

I was wondering if I can use ‘mwy neu llai’ as I would in english?

I.e ‘more or less’ meaning about.

On a general note I am pleased to be starting some real conversations ‘in the wild’ albeit on a basic level.

I think its a bit like swimming in the sea; it’s better not to hang around for too long before taking the plunge.

Dwi’n mind i nofio nawr!



Yes, “mwy neu llai” is fine :slight_smile:

And yes, it’s absolutely like swimming - you can’t do it until you get in the water! Da iawn - dal ati :+1:


Dwi’n barod y nofio (mwy neu llai)!

Diolch am eich help.


You’ll usually hear ‘mwy neu lai’ - ugh, rules’n’stuff - but yup, definitely a thing :slightly_smiling_face:

And good luck with the swimming - absolutely the right thing to do :partying_face:

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