Very interesting new skills exchange/alternative currency site

This looks to me as though it’s got REAL potential for creating non-traditional wealth based on human-to-human exchange:

If you set up an account, let me know in here, and I’ll find you and recommend you (if I know you!)… :slight_smile:


Would, but cruising around the site I’m suddenly aware I actually have nothing to offer …

So, I’ll just say Good luck!

Conversations in Slovene, Welsh, English… all sorts of computer help… meme design… don’t downplay yourself, Tatjana! :slight_smile:


Exactly! Look at all the help you give people on here, @tatjana. You have a lot to offer.

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Giving this a bump because I am still LOVING Simbi - we had a bundle of singing lessons for Angharad from someone in America and it was loads of fun… :slight_smile: