Verse on Counting years

Shwmae, I was wondering if anyone can help please, is there a verse on how to remember counting the years, I remember seeing one and it had something to do with bacon and beans, Diolch

Fish fingers, baked beans, more beans, mmm!


hehe, not come across that before - that’s a brilliant way to remember the mutations!

Lol, that’s the one, thank you

Sorry to be thick here, but what has an apparently random collection of my favourite childhood foods (still amongst my favourites, actually) got to do with counting years? I know I’m missing something, but could somebody please explain? Sounds like a useful thing to know, so I’d really like to understand.

Thanks in advance

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It’s a way to remember how the word for year mutates after numbers -
un flwyddyn
dwy flynedd
tair blynedd
pedair blynedd
pum mlynedd
chwe blynedd
saith mlynedd

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Oh diolch, SiaronJames,

I hadn’t come across that (yet) in my learning voyage, but I will tuck it away until I do!

Thanks very much for the swift explanation - I do so hate not knowing these things.

Have a good weekend,


I meant to ask also, so thanks for doing so!

If you can remember
Fish fingers, baked beans, more beans, mmmm!
If you take the first letter from each word It’ll give you the years in order,

Un flwyddyn = 1 years (f)ish
Dwy flenydd = 2 years (f)ingers
Tair blynedd = 3 years (b)aked
Pedair blynedd = 4 years (b)eans
Bum mlynedd = 5 years (m)ore
Chwe blynedd = 6 years (b)eans
Saith mlynedd = 7 years (m)
Wyth mlynedd = 8 years (m)
Naw mlynedd = 9 years (m)
Deng mlynedd = 10 year (m)