Verbs and past tense

I’m fairly fluent in Welsh but have been doing some revision of colloquial Welsh using SSIW and am currently towards the end of second level.

One think I have noticed is that some verbs tend to use the standard past tense e.g. Clywais i, whereas others use ‘Nes i ddarllen’ etc.

So my question is are there certain verbs that almost still always use the standard form? Because when speaking to younger people in particular I find the (dare I say lazy) ‘Nes i’ form is almost universally used.
Hope this is an acceptable observation!

The standard form - clywais i etc - is exactly that, the standard and slightly more formal form. The “nes i” form is certainly not a lazy way, it’s just a less formal way which is why you hear it more often.

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I guess what I’m saying is we never hear anything other than ‘Dwedodd e’ or ‘Wedodd e’ but that may be because the verb dweud is used frequently and the conjugation is well known. May not be the case with other verbs.

I would say it depends on the area you’re in. I hear “Nath o deud” pretty often.